Conquer Your Fears

Conquer Your Fears As a woman I can honestly tell you that WOMEN ARE NOT THAT SCARY. Therefore approaching one of us should not cause any fear and anxiety. Think about the last scenario you had to approach a woman you wanted. You are out in a social place coffee shop, bar, bookstore, on the […]

Beating Women at Their Own Game

Most women know exactly how to make men feel more attracted to them by putting on some make up, wearing revealing clothes and acting friendly. It’s pretty simple because the initial attraction that men feel to women is based on their appearance. A man can instantly feel motivated to want to talk to a woman, […]
How To Win Over A BitchMarni’s Wing Girl Method

How To Win Over A BitchMarni’s Wing Girl Method

How To Win Over A BitchMarni’s Wing Girl Method Want to know how to win over a bitch? From the pretty girl that punched you on the playground; to the model type that gave you a blank stare when you tried to buy her a drink last Friday, I’m sure you have encountered a really […]

Major Mistakes Men Make

Major Mistakes Men Make Quote from Jack’s email: My response: Awww Jack is so sweet.  I would never want to date him but he is still so sweet. The term sweet is the kiss of death from a woman. read more at  

5 Conversation Mistakes That Instantly Turn Women Off The 5 conversation mistakes are: 1. Always trying to say the right thing. 2. Being too neutral or too nice. 3. Showing serious romantic interest in her before making her feel attracted. 4. Hoping that she will lead the conversation. 5. Perceiving silences as being “awkward” silences.

How to Get a Girl Obsessed with You Always

For more dating advice and to watch the SCRAMBLER video visit Learn how to make a girl fall in love with you. Make her obsessed with you forever, learn the real way. – Use body language to assist your flirting. – Make sure to tease her for a bit. – Use funny and playful […]

The Ugly Truth of Online Dating, Internet Dating

Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters. Online daters lie. More than half of them, actually.

Why Do Women Like a Guy Who is a Challenge? Why do women like guys who are hard to get or a challenge to win over? Why can’t it just be as simple as walking up to a girl and saying, “Hey, I like you…let’s start a relationship” and then she says yes? The reason is that it is very easy for women to […]

How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – MGTOW

How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – MGTOW Some men give women everything they want and some men know better. Find out what’s really at stake when men deal with women. Join me Howard Dare as I discuss How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – […]

11 Most Common Reasons Why Women Reject Men – 3 Have Nothing To Do With You!

Learn to approach women: Natural conversation skills: Ever wondered why women reject men? Or have you ever been rejected by a girl and you couldn’t figure out how the hell it happened and why? Well, the reason why could have absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact you might have got rejcted […]