12 Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You – How To Read Her Body Language Cues To Know If She Is Into You

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Is she flirting with you or she is just being friendly? She may be smiling at you, or fiddle with her hair, but does she come across as nervous because she’s trying to get away or because she’s into you?
How do you know if a woman is really interested in you or just being nice?

These are some of the questions most guys never really figure out. They try to read women’s body language, her body language cues and how she looks at them and often just get lost in the multiple ways of interpreting the signals. And in the process they often get overwhelmed so that in stead of reading women’s touching or flirting signs they end up freezing up wondering if she is into them or not, rather than enjoy flirting back and seducing her knowing she wants them.

Well, if you’ve ever struggled to read a woman’s body language, her gestures, eye contact and body language cues then the 12 signs that a girl is flirting with you I talk about in this video will set you on the road to reading her body language cues much better, so you know if she’s into you so you can move forward and flirt back with confidence!

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