Beating Women at Their Own Game

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Most women know exactly how to make men feel more attracted to them by putting on some make up, wearing revealing clothes and acting friendly.

It’s pretty simple because the initial attraction that men feel to women is based on their appearance.

A man can instantly feel motivated to want to talk to a woman, get her number, have sex with her and start a relationship with her simply based on how she looks.

Yet, most women don’t react to men in that way. Most women go through life in OFF mode and actually need to be turned ON by a guy displaying attractive personality traits during an interaction.

Here’s the thing though…

Most guys have no idea how to make women feel more attracted to them during a conversation, so most of the women that a guy meets won’t feel motivated enough to want to be with him.

A guy will then go through life thinking, “Why don’t women like me? Why am I so attracted to women, but they don’t feel the same way about me?”


We men need to CREATE the spark of attraction when we interact with a woman.

It’s true that women can feel attracted to very handsome men or rich men and want those men based on those traits.

However, what is also true is that women can feel attracted to normal, every day guy who aren’t handsome, rich or tall.



The guy CREATES the spark of attraction when he INTERACTS with the woman.

When a guy can do that, he can beat women at their own game because it’s actually very difficult for a woman to meet a guy who knows how to attract her and turn her on during a conversation.

Most guys just make her feel neutral feelings because they try to have a nice, friendly, polite conversation with her and don’t even know how to attract her and turn her on.

It’s so damn easy to make women feel attracted during a conversation.

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that most women (not all) have fake standards about men and will SAY that they only want a tall, rich, handsome man, but the will HAPPILY ACCEPT a guy who doesn’t even have those qualities.

Not all women, but most.

All it usually takes to get a woman to be open to giving you her phone number is 1-2 minutes of making her feel attracted during a conversation.

Once a woman is attracted to you, all you need to do is build on that attraction and she will become open to kissing you, going on a date with you and having sex with you.

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