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How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – MGTOW

How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – MGTOW Some men give women everything they want and some men know better. Find out what’s really at stake when men deal with women. Join me Howard Dare as I discuss How to Say ‘NO’ to a Woman and Why It’s Important – […]

11 Most Common Reasons Why Women Reject Men – 3 Have Nothing To Do With You!

Learn to approach women: Natural conversation skills: Ever wondered why women reject men? Or have you ever been rejected by a girl and you couldn’t figure out how the hell it happened and why? Well, the reason why could have absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact you might have got rejcted […]

Why Are Modern Men So Feminized & Weak?

Since WW2 men have systematically bee feminised, and pussified by society, in this video I go over whats happened, and why. Notes and useful links below. School system Too many in the education system are women Be kind Be compassionate Colour within the lines Boys are given Ritilyn so their natural aggressiveness, and curiosity is […]

How To Test a Woman (Separate The Good Women From Bad)

So a lot of you guys keep asking me how to make better choices with women, and how to test them, here are 3 shit tests you can use on women 1. Get her to buy you a coffee 2. Saying no to something you aren’t interested in 3. Have the prenup talk. It all […]

Conversation Skills: Asking Good Questions

Conversation Skills: Asking Good Questions As this series on listening comes to a close (see part 1 and part 2), we should consider a few things in terms of the transition from listener to speaker. When the time comes for the roles to shift, our responses to the messages of others will most often be […]