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Sourdough and fresh canned tomatoes

Rogue 49er Sourdough Starter

Having learned the trick of the sourdough from a chuck wagon some years back while working a cattle drive in north Texas, he had kept this knowledge in the back of his head until a time of need. That time was now when striking out to find his fortune in the gold filled hills and rivers of the Sierra Nevada’s and The Rogue began his quest not knowing his legacy would live for the next 160 years.

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The Rogues Journey

Wilderness FirstAid Preparing Coat for Weekend

#Preparing #Waterproofing #journey #camping #outdoors The Rogue starts the journey to healing and moving forward in life. Join me on this journey as I have realized the last few years have had some ups and downs with more downs than ups it is time to rediscover who I am. This is a journey I have

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