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Welcome to The Tavern this is The Journey of a Rogue on his quest for Perfection.

Making a Better Life

Articles & videos from the Rogue on his journey to being the man he should have been, in the hopes that younger men won't make the same mistakes.

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Making Sourdough Crackers from starter discard The secret behind the best crackers ever…

Sourdough Crackers

After learning to keep a sourdough starter alive I realized the issue of the discard and what do I do with it. For a while …

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The Best Damn Sourdough Bread

This is the best Sourdough Bread I have ever had as well it should since I made it. It may not be for you but …

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Jalapeno Roulette Beef Jerky

This is an excellent beef jerky recipe I have worked on for a long time to perfect. That great salty taste of beef jerky along …

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Wilderness FirstAid Preparing Coat for Weekend

#Preparing #Waterproofing #journey #camping #outdoors The Rogue starts the journey to healing and moving forward in life. Join me on this journey as I have …

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