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Tex Mex Eggs

Spread this on your freeze drier tray and then freeze dry and package for later use. To reconstitute the freeze dried eggs 1 cup eggs ...

Rogues' Korean Beef Bowl

Always a quick winner for an easy dinner can be mad in about 30 to 45min. This is a quick and easy Korean beef Bowl ...

Rogues' Rosemary Coconut Milk Rice

Why have just boring old plain Rice. There are great variations on this recipe to make Turmeric rice or Thyme rice or combine for even ...

Chicken & Rice Dinner

Looking to make a quick easy meal for your family. This Chicken & Rice dinner is an easy fix and is a hit with Teen-age ...

Rogues' Health Boost – Detox Mix

This is a healthy addition to your daily routine. The Rogues' Health Boost - Detox Drink mix is an excellent way to add additional nutrients ...

Rogues' Spicy Pickled Eggs

This is an excellent pickled egg recipe and if you do not like it hot use less or drop the red pepper flakes.
Canned & Preserved

Rogues' Fire Cider

Prepare for Winter with this tonic that is both healthy and good for you and will help stave off the cold and flu. There is ...
Canned & Preserved

Rogues' Pickled Peppers

This is a pickled pepper recipe with a good selection of peppers. Peppers used: Jalapeno Carolina Reaper Scorpion Pencil Hot Ghost Pepper Red Fresno Habanero ...

Rogues' Hummus

Quick and easy tasty hummus recipe.

Rogues Spicy Goulash

This is a one pan recipe that take about 35min to make 15 to prepare and 20 to cook. It is simple, nutritious and filling.

Rogues Sloppy Joes

Need a quick meal that is sure to be eaten up by the whole family try this quick and easy Sloppy Joe Recipe.

Greek Salad Dressing & Greek Salad

Greek salad is a great summer time salad or enjoyed anytime. Cut up some veggies then make a quick dressing and your off.

Keeping Your Sourdough Starter Alive

Having a Sourdough Starter is a great thing but they do require some work Sourdough Bread Recipe & maintenance Feeding your SourDough Starter When kept ...
This is a ketchup recipe I had been working on for a while and finally found the right mix of ingredients that will satisfy your need for a savory and mildly spicy ketchup. You can omit the Rogues Death Pepper mix to make it a simple plain ketchup.  

Rogues Spicy Ketchup

This is a ketchup recipe I had been working on for a while and finally found the right mix of ingredients that will satisfy your ...

Spicy Hamburger Goulash

Goulash with fresh bread is always a favourite and this is a simple one pan meal you can prepare in about 30min. A quick simple... ...
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