Tavern Orcales

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Tavern Orcales

Prophecy Made Date made Who made it Has it been fulfilled
no more covid by the end of summer of 2021 – Something else is going to dominate the mainstream media; alt tech and alt medias will have to have their own sayings on what the truth is. m5m will have their say on what the ‘truth' is so that they can keep all of the power that they have acheived throughout this past year. Feb -2-2021 Amber
Rationing of meat & eggs ect will be coming during 2021 Feb-4-2021 John
no more sex specific sports by 2022 Feb-17-2021 Amber
probably mixed sports, where there is one female and one male together to work as a team only by summer of 2022. Feb-17-2021 Amber
no more show The Rogues Tavern on YouTube by Nov. Dec. 2021 Feb-18-2021 John
No more show The Rogues Tavern on YouTube by Sept 2021 Feb-18-2021 Amber
By June 21 2021 – no more lockdowns. People are going to snap, and they won't allow the lock downs anymore. Mar-2-2021 Amber
Eventually the marketers around the vaccine makers will realize that people are sick of the wuhan vaccine, so they will just loop it in with the regular flu vaccine. “gonna have to work the marketing magick” Mar-2-2021 Amber

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