Why Are Modern Men So Feminized & Weak?

In this video

Since WW2 men have systematically bee feminised, and pussified by society, in this video I go over whats happened, and why. Notes and useful links below.

School system
Too many in the education system are women
Be kind
Be compassionate
Colour within the lines
Boys are given Ritilyn so their natural aggressiveness, and curiosity is controlled

Sperm counts in men have dropped 50% and testosterone has dropped 20%
Pesticides, soy, hormone injected animal proteins

Virtue signalling

Trudeau female cabinet

Single Mothers
The state idealises single mothers in society

TV shows
Everybody loves Raymond, Home Improvement etc
the wife is always brilliant, successful and correct about everything and the husband is some dumb fuck lucky to have found her


The Man Cave
It used to be that the entire house was the man cave, now men are relegated to garages or basements

Laws & divorce
Women get lighter jail sentences for the same crime
Family law in divorce

More women in college & University
Way more women in post secondary education then men

Car companies – Honda/Toyota etc no sports cars, all practical, less sporty
Look at the entire lineup of these cars. Supra & S2000 have been completely removed from the lineup due to poor sales, BUT they are making a comeback.

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